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One Stop Health Care

one-stop healthcare

Your health Is Our Purpose

Whatever life throws at us,
there’s always hope.

No matter what questions you may have regarding your health, just give us a call.
We are standing by with the proven
One-Stop 360º Health Care you deserve.


Your health is our Purpose.

“Health” is a basic and universal pursuit. The ability to enjoy the outdoors, to take care of oneself, to work, to socialise at will, and to return to a beloved sport… This is the kind of life that is not simply lived but it is meant to be enjoyed for its quality, dignity and color

With our systematic and detailed focus on quality health, RainbowFish is your ideal partner to provide premier and progressive protection for you and your family.

360° Rehab is the RainbowFish way of caring. Our comprehensive 360-degree, young-to-old, head-to-toe, One-Stop Health Care system is designed to ease the stress and complications around in-patient/out-patient treatments and needs to fast-track our patients from the bed back to their work and life.

From Head To Toe


Whether you have any problems with your health, or are experiencing any pain or discomfort, the RainbowFish Rehab’s multi-disciplinary professional team is a reliable protective shield you can depend on.

4008-0345-11With RainbowFish behind you, be rest assured.

From Young To Old

No matter where you are in your life, trust RainbowFish to be the health guardian for you and your family

4008-0345-11where our multi-disciplinary,

360°One-Stop Health Care awaits you.

From bed to life

At RainbowFish, our multi-disciplinary team of specialists actively works with patients and families to create personalised treatment plans to help our patients move from the bed back to their work and life.

Each of our patients has access to a personalized rehabilitation plan, customized equipment and devises, rehab-friendly home renovation proposal, on-going maintenance and guidance, post-discharge plan, followup schedule and whatever necessary to ensure he/she enjoys a smooth recovery back to a colorful life.

Whether You Are

Whether you are in a remote town or a foreign country, you can get high-level rehabilitation medical services through RainbowFish Tele-Rehabilitation (Tele-Rehab). RainbowFish Tele-Rehab covers a wide range of treatments including: Neurological Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Dysphagia and Swallowing Therapy, Children Wellness & Health, Psychological Recovery etc.

Where necessary, we can also arrange consultation for you with a member of a select team of international medical specialists. Making a doctor’s appointment no longer needs to be a stressful event.

4008-0345-11Distance will no longer be an obstacle to your recovery.

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Case Show

Your Health Is Our Concern

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specialist team

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