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If you —
Are looking for a platform to launch your a career in healthcare
Want the opportunity for cross-fertilisation of ideas with multi-national leaders in healthcare
Value working in an open, fair and caring environment
Yearn for a breakthrough to do something more with your life
We may have something for you. Call us.

For health workers

RainbowFish provides a rewarding platform that propels careers in the field of rehabilitative healthcare.

At RainbowFish, the ”Rehabilitation Dream Team” is possible.

We make every effort to enable our highly motivated, multinational healthcare professionals achieve their career goals by providing regular and high quality training, abundant networking opportunities, and career planning guidance. All within a challenging but caring work environment.

A healthy workplace driven by a single-minded focus on quality healthcare and customer satisfaction —This is simply who we are.

You may come from near or far
At RainbowFish, lifelong lessons await
What you gained you share
With those no matter how near or far.

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