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Through the online video interaction, check-in reviews and other online functionalities featured in RainbowFish’s “i-Rehabilitate" app, you have the choice of top quality rehabilitation services at your fingertips within the comfort of your own home.

  • Specialist Treatment

    Online one-on-one assessment and treatment

  • Professional Guidance

    Training towards online task assignment & completion

  • Family Companionship

    Treatment with family support

Scan the code to download the “i-Rehabilitation” app and you are on the way to tele-rehabilitation

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Whether you are in a remote town or a foreign country, you can get high-level rehabilitation medical services through RainbowFish Tele-Rehabilitation (Tele-Rehab).

RainbowFish Tele-Rehab covers a wide range of treatments including: Neurological Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Dysphagia and Swallowing Therapy, Children Wellness & Health, Psychological Recovery etc.

Where necessary, we can also arrange consultation for you with a member of a select team of international medical specialists. Making a doctor’s appointment will no longer need to be a stressful event.

4008-0345-11Distance is no longer an obstacle to your recovery.

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Specialist Team

specialist team

1:1 Rehab In The Comfort Of Your Home

RainbowFish Tele-Rehabilitation is jointly led by David Lin XuanHong, a special rehabilitation medical expert of the Chinese Olympic Committee, and Director Wang Ran, named one of Singapore’s best medical staff. They are ably supported by a team of international multidisciplinary rehabilitation team comprising rehabilitation doctors, orthopaedic/surgical/general medical doctors, rehabilitation therapists, rehabilitation nurses, nutritionists, psychologists, rehabilitation engineers etc… More than 65% of them are holders of master’s degree or above, 45% have international industry background and experience, with most of them having more than ten years of effective related clinical experience.

RainbowFish Tele-Rehabilitation provides you with home rehabilitation services such as neurological rehabilitation, physical rehabilitation, speech therapy, swallowing rehabilitation, children rehabilitation, psychological recovery and home-based rehab services. If your situation requires you to seek treatment or consultation from a highly sort after doctor, we can help you make that connection so you won’t have to stress. Getting “that’ appointment is no longer a problem.

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Recovery Stories


Chief medical experts gathered online, and paraplegic patiens began to run for remote rehabilitation

Papa Ma, 40, underwent the most dangerous and complicated cardiac surgery in his life- open heart surgery. In order to remove a tumor, his chest was cut open to and 3cm of his coronary artery was remove which was later replaced by an equal length of artificial one.
Unbelievably the surgery was a success, but it was a paralyzed Papa Ma who greeted his daughter and wife upon his return.
Internationally, the probability of paraplegia after this kind of cardio-macrovascular surgery is between 6%-20%. Papa Ma became a paraplegic and he was unable to move his lower body.
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