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Nurturing talents for a better tomorrow

RainbowFish Rehabilitation Care College

rainbowfish rehabilitation care college

RainbowFish Rehabilitation believes in active cooperation with international high-quality teaching and clinical training resources. In 2015, under the leadership of the Hangzhou government, it cooperated with Hangzhou Vocational and Technical College to create a "school-enterprise community" model integrating operations and education.
The establishment of two majors : Rehabilitation Therapy and Rehabilitation Nursing, with clinical application at its core, has cultivated many clinical talents in the field of rehabilitation medicine in China.
The RainbowFish Rehabilitation Nursing College has always maintained a high enrolment rate and has achieved an impressive 100% employment rate for several consecutive years.

Raising The Bar In Collaboration With International Experts

International master classes

rainbowfish rehabilitation MASTERCLASS

In order to enable local professional sports teams, clubs, sports schools…etc. to achieve internationally recognised standard in their Sports Medicine and Informational Systems, RainbowFish regularly collaborates with internationally recognised specialists and experts to conduct training for these organisations.
Our mission? To raise the bar of professionals such as team doctors, physiotherapists, and practitioners of primary care sports medicine thereby bringing China closer to the centerstage of international health care.

Propelling Five-Star Teams to Greater Heights

RainbowFish Education & Research Center

rainbowfish education & reseArch centre

In 2019, RainbowFish Rehabilitation was awarded the status of “Pilot Enterprise For The Enterprise-School Integration” in Zhejiang Province”
With applied clinical practice at its core, RainbowFish created a proof of concept cluster to train and equip students to become versatile, multi-disciplinary & highly functional members of the rehabilitation & healthcare industry.
There are more than ten local and international renowned institutions of learning in this cluster. Members include the University of Valparaiso, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Shanghai University of Sport, Shanghai Normal University TianHua College, Hangzhou Vocational and Technical College, Zhejiang Shuren University and Zhejiang Vocational College of Special Education among others.

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