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RainbowFish Restorative Centre provides rehabilitation treatment for the convalescent sick, patients with organ diseases, post-orthopaedic surgery patients, and tumour patients. We work with our patients across a wide range of treatment options. These include the restoration of organ functions &/or limb mobility; improving physical immunity; recovery of swallow and speech functions; prevention of sequelae and limiting drug resistance. In addition, we help patients establish a healthy lifestyle, prevent recurrence of disease, prolong and improve the quality of their lives.

One third of all strokes in the world occur in China, and on average - stroke brings down one person every 24 seconds.

As of October 2018, stroke patients who were discharged from RainbowFish Rehabilitation Hospital averaged 29 inpatient days. Statistics of these patients are encouraging:

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Specialist Team

specialist team

team introduction

The RainbowFish Restorative Center is headed by Director Wang Ran, a recipient of a Singapore medical profession award. The team members all graduated from professional medical colleges, have many years of clinical experience in public hospitals, and amassed extensive experience in handling various serious diseases that require rehabilitation intervention.

Wang RanRehabilitation Doctor, Chief Rehabilitation Specialist

Rich clinical work experience in a renown rehabilitation hospital in Singapore; with expertise in:

  • (1) Children hyperactivity/deficiency, learning disability, kyphosis and scoliosis;
  • (2) Women's postpartum body shape, joints, physical fitness recovery
  • (3) Orthopaedic diseases neck, waist, knee and shoulder pain/rehabilitation after surgery

Master of Physiotherapy from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Bachelor of Clinical Medicine, Master of Child Educational Psychology at Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Named "Singapore's Best Medical Worker” by the Singaporean government Advanced rehabilitation training at KK Women's and Children's Hospital in Singapore, International postpartum rehabilitation certification. Kinesio Taping International Certification, Pilates Rehabilitation International Certification, Australia Maitland Spinal and Joint Treatment Manipulation Certification.

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Services and Treatments


  • Post-injury care

  • Nutrition fortification

  • Nerve and limb function rehabilitation

  • Immunity Boost

  • Preventing bedsores

  • Fitness recovery

  • Fast recovery during and after chemo-radiotherapy
    Reducing drug reactions

  • Psychological rehabilitation

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In Cooperation With The Advanced Research Team of A Major National “Brain-Computer interface"
Providing Pre- and Post- Brain Surgery Rehabilitation

"Brain-computer interface" is a world-class medical research project jointly carried out by the team led by Professor Zhang JianMin of Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University; and Professor Zheng XiaoXiang and Professor Wang YueMing of Zhejiang University Qiushi Academy for Advanced Studies. RainbowFish is honored to participate in this scientific research project to not only provide our volunteer, Mr. Zhang, with pre- and post-operative rehabilitation services but also pave way for the smooth development of the research project.
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