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RainbowFish Rehabilitation Women and Children Health Center is led by child rehabilitation expert Director Wang Ran, (once voted Singapore's best national clinician); and Meng QingYu, a senior women & children rehabilitation expert from Taiwan.

For children and adolescents, we conduct scientific growth and development assessment, personalised professional rehabilitation treatment and training to evaluate their growth and development, fitness level, physical fitness development, and sensory cognition ability. This facilitate effective screening of risk factors, early prevention, early intervention and professional rehabilitation; For women of all ages, we provide comprehensive range health services including pain and fatigue relief, posture adjustment, weight control, endocrine health care, and pelvic floor repair among others.

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Specialist Team

specialist team

team introduction

Women and Children Health Center, Hangzhou is headed by Wang Ran, an experienced practitioner who has was named one of Singapore's National Best Medical Staff. Her team of rehabilitation therapists all graduated with children's rehabilitation majors and have deep experience in this area having been engaged in children's rehabilitation for many years.

Wang RanChief Rehabilitation Expert

Rich clinical work experience in a renown rehabilitation hospital in Singapore; with expertise in:

  • (1) Children hyperactivity/deficiency, learning disability, kyphosis and scoliosis;
  • (2) Women's postpartum body shape, joints, physical fitness recovery
  • (3) Orthopedic diseases neck, waist, knee and shoulder pain/rehabilitation after surgery

Master of Physiotherapy from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Bachelor of Clinical Medicine, Master of Child Educational Psychology at Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Named "Singapore's Best Medical Worker” by the Singaporean government Advanced rehabilitation training at KK Women's and Children's Hospital in Singapore, International postpartum rehabilitation certification. Kinesio Taping International Certification, Pilates Rehabilitation International Certification, Australia Maitland Spinal and Joint Treatment Manipulation Certification.

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Services and Treatments


  • Children’s immune system

    Prone to cold/flu, Weak physique, Asthma, Rhinitis, Underweight or overweight, Stunted growth

  • Children's posture and face correction

    Kyphosis, X/O legs, Foot dragging while walking, Inward/outward feet, Flat feet, Asymmetrical face, Uneven shoulders, Scoliosis

  • Specialty sports performance

    Ballet, Dance, Skating, Skiing, Fencing, Golf, Tennis, Table tennis, Badminton or related sports, Basketball, Volleyball, Cycling, etc.

  • Children's ability to focus and learn

    Learning disability, Procrastination in homework, Inability to focus in class (Attention deficit), Reading disability, Accident-prone, and Self-absorbed

  • Pre-natal/pregnancy/postpartum recovery

    Infertility, Lower back pain, Pelvic pain and discomfort, Incontinence, Body sculpting

  • Menopausal rehabilitation

    Fatigue, Emotional instability, Joint pain

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Recovery Stories


Postpartum dislocation of the pubic bone, pelvic pain and low back pain for one year, Successfully delivers 2nd baby after recovery

Postpartum dislocation of the pubic bone, pelvic pain and low lower back pain for one year. After undergoing 3 months of recovery and pregnancy preparation, patient was able to successfully conceive and smoothly deliver her second child. This time, with no pubic dislocation or lower back pain.
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Basic skeletal development assessment for students in a Taiwanese international school in Shanghai

Shanghai Taiwanese Children’s School invited Shanghai RainbowFish Rehabilitation Center expert Yixing to conduct a 2-day basic screening of children’s and adolescents’ skeletal development for their primary 3-6 students, totally 300.
The screening aims to detect the following in the students: head extension, uneven shoulders, chin-chest syndrome, hunchback, scoliosis, pelvic misalignment, X-leg, O-leg, thumb valgus/deformity and other problems.
Prior to the screening, the children were nervous as they anticipated the injections, usual in most medical examinations, awaiting them. Thankfully, several parents voluntarily organised a “Caring Moms Team” to assist the therapists in RainbowFish to calm the children down and guide them through the process. This enable the children to successfully completed the basic screening in a relaxed atmosphere.
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