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Spine Health Center

spine health centre

The experienced team at RainbowFish Spine Health Center is ably led by a spinal rehab professional from Taiwan, China.

Using our deep experience, advanced technology and high-end diagnosis and treatment equipment, we bring industry-standard, high-quality, and diversified treatments for white-collar workers and all who suffer neck, shoulder, waist and leg pains.

We also provide scientific spinal posture assessment with its associated risks, pre-intervention, professional & targetted rehabilitation treatment, gait and posture enhancement and training.

With your spine health in our care, you can say bye-bye to your pain and hello to more good times.

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Specialist Team

specialist team

team introduction

RainbowFish Spine Health Center is led by Director Huang MingHui, who has nearly 20 years of experience in spine rehabilitation. The team of rehabilitation therapists all graduated from rehabilitation-related fields of study, and have extensive clinical experience in spine rehabilitation specialty.

Huang MingHuiChief Rehabilitation Specialist, Spine Rehabilitation Specialist

Graduate of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Sun Yat-sen University of Medicine, Taiwan, 16 years of experience in clinical sports injury rehabilitation

  • (1) Specializes in spinal pain treatment, rehabilitation sports training, various sports injury treatments, and pre and post orthopedic surgery rehabilitation treatment
  • (2) Head of sports rehabilitation department for many years serving high-end private hospitals and renowned tertiary hospitals in Taiwan

Founding member of the American Finger Surgery Treatment Research Institute, Taiwan branch

Certified Expert in International Neuromodulation Technology (Barral Institute)

Certified European Fascia Therapy Expert

Taiwan Chiropractic Certified Specialist

Carefully Designed for Your Rehabilitation & Restoration

Services and Treatments


  • Adult posture problems

    Forward bending spine (Kyphosis), Round shoulders, Chin-chest Syndrome, Hunchback, Sluggish face, Uneven shoulders, Anterior pelvic tilt

  • Spinal pain management

    Migraine, Shoulder and neck pain, Arm pain, Lower back pain, Sciatica, Numbness of hands and feet

  • Spine stabilization training

    Deep muscle weakness, Lower back pain from prolonged sitting, Tendency to lean on things

Celebrating Your Success With You

Recovery Stories


Relief comes after 20 years of suffering from neck pain (cervical spondylosis), thanks to the implementation of step-by-step pain management treatment.

This is a true record of a lady who was tortured by cervical spondylosis for 20 years. She hopes that through this video, she can share her treatment experience, so that more patients suffering from neck and shoulder pain and cervical spondylosis can have the same chance of a new life.
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