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Orthopaedic / Sports Wellness Centre

orthopaedic / sports wellness centre

The goal of the Orthopaedic / Sports Wellness Centre is to quickly and safely restore you to your optimal form and function through multi-disciplinary collaboration of mechanics and sports science, 360° total assessment, shortened recovery period, prevention of re-injury and sports performance optimisation.

Our suite of rehabilitation services & treatments are available for you whether you are looking for inpatient, outpatient or tele-rehabilitation. Among our most sought-after treatments include: management of pain and swelling, fit to play program, nutrition enhancement, traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, sports psychology, and post-surgery care.

“Rehabilitation is an investment, with cost benefits for both the individuals and society. It can help to avoid costly hospitalization, reduce hospital length of stay, and prevent re-admissions. Rehabilitation also enables individuals to participate in education and gainful employment, remain independent at home, and minimize the need for financial or caregiver support.”

— “Rehabilitation”, World Health Organisation Website, 26 Oct 2020 —

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Specialist Team

specialist team

team introduction

Orthopaedic / Sports Wellness Centre is led by Director David Lin XuanHong, a Distinguished Expert of the Third Chinese Olympic Committee. Many of our team members are also employed by the Chinese Olympic Committee which provides rehabilitation protection for national athletes. Our team members have obtained degrees, jobs, and training from the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other regions.

David Lin XuanHongChief Expert

26 years of clinical experience in rehabilitation medicine, with focus in orthopaedics and sports rehabilitation.

Appointed Rehabilitation Expert for national Olympic athletics by the Chinese Olympic Committee for three consecutive Olympic Games (2008 Beijing, 2012 London, 2016 Rio) and one Winter Olympics (2010 Vancouver)

Responsible for the rehabilitation and restorative care of Olympic champions, world champions; players for NBA (American Professional Basketball League), CBA (Chinese Basketball Association), CSL (Chinese Super League, Football), CFA (Chinese Football Association) and other sports teams; as well as top athletes in tennis, golf, skiing, skating, swimming, ice hockey, dancing, boxing, etc…

Carefully Designed for Your Rehabilitation & Restoration

Services and Treatments


  • Conservative Sports Injury Management

    Manual therapy and physical therapy for acute and chronic sports injuries; Treatment for sports injuries from marathon, golf, tennis, football, basketball, badminton and other sports

  • Analysis And Prevention of Sports Injuries

    Posture Correction; Correction of inherent muscular/core deficiencies

  • Sports protection guidance and customisation of protective equipment

  • Post-Orthopaedic Surgery Rehabilitation

    Healing of bone fracture and wound; Recovery acceleration to optimal form; Supervised return to sports

  • Breakthrough sports performance

    Analysis of the body movement in sports, inefficient sports postures, muscle coordination, etc; Testing and enhancing key cardiopulmonary abilities; Body nutrition analysis and adjustment

  • Physical Assessment

Celebrating Your Success With You

Recovery Stories


CBA Men’s Basketball Dong Hanlin’s Recovery Story – Surgery + Rehabilitation, Perfect Return to the Court

This spring, at the Shanghai RainbowFish Rehabilitation Centre, we witnessed an inspiring story of a CBA star who is working hard to return to the game as soon as possible.

In November 2018, renown Shanghai Sharks CBA star Dong Hanlin, who is famous for his basketball moves, was seriously injured on the court. After his surgery, he came to Shanghai RainbowFish Rehabilitation Centre for our systematic postoperative rehabilitation, correctional training and physical enhancement treatment.

On February 25, 2019, after 10 weeks of recovery, Dong Hanlin returned to the team smoothly and immediately jumped into post-season preparations with great enthusiasm... After returning to the team, Dong Hanlin played in the playoffs and scored the highest points ever in his career!
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