Chief medical experts gather online, for paraplegia…

The 40-year-old Papa Ma has undergone the most dangerous and complicated cardiac surgery in his life, which is an open chest. The tumor that grows on the thickest aorta connecting the heart and the human body is cut off, and the 3 cm thick aorta is cut off. Replace with artificial blood vessels.I never expected the operation to be successful, but the paralyzed Papa Ma was greeted by the wife and youngest daughter. Internationally, the probability of paraplegia after this kind of cardio-macrovascular surgery is 6%-20%. Dad Ma is paraplegic and can't move his lower body at all.After the operation, the paraplegic Papa Ma couldn't stand. The Rainbowfish specialist immediately began rehabilitation. The Spring Festival is here, and the holiday congratulations sent by Papa Ma to Rainbowfish are a bit special.
I can run! I can go up and down the stairs! I can still dance!

How did the miracle of Papa Ma's recovery come true? Review his recovery process
After just 28 days of hospitalization and recovery, Papa Ma went from being paralyzed to being able to assist in walking.

Rehabilitation is not only in the hospital. Papa Ma is discharged from the hospital and goes home! Start remote rehabilitation!
In Rainbow Fish, you can recover in hospital, outpatient, or remotely at home. Papa Ma traveled thousands of miles of time and space and received high-level treatment from Rainbow Fish Hangzhou Hospital in his hometown in Fujian. No matter where you are, Rainbow Fish's high-quality rehabilitation is always with you!
The team of experts who helped Papa Ma realize his recovery. They are also a team that restores the health of world champions, academicians, scientists, and G20 first-class heroes.
Rainbow Fish Rehabilitation is the only rehabilitation medical institution selected as a "National Demonstration Project". It enjoys a high reputation in domestic and foreign professional fields, and has repeatedly been commended by authoritative organizations including the "International Rehabilitation Quality Certification Committee". ____◆ It is the only rehabilitation institution selected as a "National Demonstration Project"Written in the "Government Work Report" for three consecutive years (2016-2018)◆ "International Rehabilitation Quality Certification Committee" (Carf International) issued a special article to commend◆"China's Best Rehabilitation Operation Organization" issued by the State Sports General Administration◆ Honored as "China's Most Beautiful Hospital" by the International Interior Design Magazine◆ The G20 summit guarantees the recovery of the first-class heroesTop ten managers of social medical management
In accordance with international standards, Rainbow Fish Rehabilitation has created a 360° comprehensive, all-age, one-stop rehabilitation medical and nursing service. Rainbow Fish uses adult and children’s orthopedics and sports injury rehabilitation, stroke and spinal cord injury and other neurological rehabilitation, and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. , Female pregnancy and postpartum rehabilitation, psychological rehabilitation, chronic disease rehabilitation, home rehabilitation, remote rehabilitation, etc., from head to toe, from childhood to old age, complete the smooth transition from bed to colorful life quickly and with high quality.

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