LiHua, deputy director of Zhejiang Sports Bureau, and LuLin, deputy director,

Recently, Deputy Director Li Hua and Deputy Director Lu Lin of the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau came to RainbowFish Rehabilitation Hospital to inspect the results of the "Physical and Medical Integration" work.
Leaders of the Provincial Bureau visited RainbowFish Rehabilitation Hospital



The picture shows a male basketball player in Guangsha, Zhejiang using the "anti-gravity treadmill" patented by NASA for rehabilitation at Rainbow Fish.

Anti-gravity treadmill: After an athlete is injured, he can use the anti-gravity treadmill to carry out training with an accuracy of 1% within the weight range of 20%-100% of the weight to seize the golden period of early recovery, achieve rapid recovery and return to the field .


The picture shows Deputy Director Li Hua experiencing the Fourier hand function robot.

Fourier hand function robot: After an athlete's hand is injured, the instrument can be used for fine motor training to promote early recovery.

Listen to the report of the Rainbow Fish Professional Sports Test System


The picture shows Deputy Director Lv Lin and Deputy Director Li Hua listening to a case report on the physical test of Guangsha Men's Basketball by the Rainbow Fish Hangzhou/Shanghai Operations Director.

Rainbow Fish & Guangsha Men’s Basketball Physical Test: Rainbow Fish does scientific and systematic professional sports tests for all members of the Zhejiang Guangsha Men’s Basketball Team. They have issued group reports and individual reports to provide accurate professional medicine for the next training in Guangsha. data.



The picture shows the leaders listening to the report on the rapid recovery of the Rainbow Fish & Shanghai Jiushi Sharks men's basketball team Dong Hanlin after injury.

Dong Hanlin, the pillar of the CBA Shanghai Jiushi Sharks inside line, injured the right collateral ligament of his left knee, and returned to the team after 10 weeks of Rainbow Fish recovery. This season, he played the best season of his career.
For the detailed case, please click: CBA Men's Basketball Dong Hanlin's Rehabilitation Log-Surgery + Rehabilitation, Join Forces, Perfect Return
Deputy Director Li Hua and Deputy Director Lv Lin highly affirmed Rainbow Fish’s "Physical and Medical Integration" project. I hope that Rainbow Fish will serve more athletes, prevent sports injuries, provide scientific training guidance, extend the life of high-level athletics, improve sports performance, and serve the high-quality sports rehabilitation of Rainbow Fish to the health of the whole people.


The picture shows Deputy Director Lu Lin signing the Rainbow Fish as a souvenir.

Lu Lin, the gold medalist of the men's doubles table tennis at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, has participated in the Olympic Games three times, has been a player twice, and has been a coach once. He has served as the coach of the national table tennis team for decades and has contributed to the development of Chinese table tennis. Important contribution.

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